Sugar Free Limeade

by Lisa Marie Rosati on April 18, 2013

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Nothing quenches your thirst like a big, cold glass of Limeade during the hot weather!

I make this recipe with all natural Truvia sweetener. Truvia contains Stevia, a super-sweet herb from South America. Some clients have complained that Stevia has a yuckie aftertaste, but interestingly … they don’t seem to notice a yuckie aftertaste when using Truvia, so I say … give Truvia a try before you swear off Stevia!

Serves 8


4 limes + zest
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2/3 cup granulated all natural Truvia (or sugar substitute of your choice)
2 quarts cold water


  1. Zest the limes and add to 2 quart pitcher.
  2. Cut limes in half and use a reamer to squeeze out all of the juice into the pitcher.
  3. Add vanilla, sugar substitute & water and stir until its dissolved.
  4. Serve in tall glasses filled with ice.

Spiked Cuban Twist:  Stir in 2 cups white rum and increase (Truvia) sugar substitute to 1 cup.

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