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  1. Tap into your body’s natural ENERGY BOOSTERS…
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  4. Drop a clothing size (or two) without even trying!…
  5. Avoid – and even reverse – visible signs of aging…
  6. Start to disease-proof your body and boost your longevity…


There’s a SECRET to losing weight … looking healthier … and feeling UNSTOPPABLE … and it’s all about controlling and eliminating one deadly thing … SUGAR!!!

The Smithtown Weight Loss Online Program starts with a SUGAR DETOX … and continues on with Weight Loss and Healthy Living!

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Here’s what you get with your MEMBERSHIP:


My EASY step-by-step 14 day eating “Sugar Detox” program:

Finally, you can kick your sugar addiction without going into sugar withdrawal. I’ve created a handout for the first 10 days that has inspiration, motivation and a helpful tip to help you breeze through the Sugar Detox! The sugar substitutions are so delicious that you’ll never dream they are so good for you.


Access to boatloads of health boosting, longevity promoting handouts that I’ve written:

I’m constantly adding brand spanking new, amazingly helpful material to the Smithtown Weight Loss Member Dashboard. You’ll have access to it all, I hold nothing back … PRICELESS!


Easy-to-follow eating strategy:

This meal strategy has been proven to boost energy, enhance well being, and shed pounds … plus you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence that sugar is no longer controlling you!


Oodles of easy-to-make mouthwatering favorites:

Behind the magic curtain of membership, you’ll have UNLIMITED access to my library of mouthwatering recipes. There’s OVER 150 (and growing) scrumptious, satisfying sugar free recipes + low glycemic (which have minimal effect on your blood sugar) and are absolutely DELICIOUS! All the flavor without the lethargy, mood swings, bloated tummy, gas and energy crashes.

Here’s a small sampling of the incredible recipes waiting for you!

                             Spinach and Tomato Frittata Denver Omelet
Low Carb, Gluten Free Bread Steak (Ribeye) Scampi
Tarragon Shrimp Salad Goddess (Lobster) Salad
Beanless Chili Chicken Cutlet Milanese
Parmesan Chicken Eggplant Parmesan
Shrimp Scampi Strawberry Shortcake
Pistachio Ice Cream Coconut Bars
Sugar Free French Toast Ice Cream Grain Free Focacchia Bread

and so MUCH MORE!


Delicious, low-carb and low glycemic ingredient alternatives:

Along with easy-to-prepare recipes, you’ll get tons of ways to modify your own favorite recipes, so they are healthier, and will help you lose weight and stay lean, strong and sexy. You’ll be living the life of a gourmet without all the fuss and trial and error of discovering the alternatives yourself!


Continuing Health and Weight Loss tips and Guidance:

Every diet and lifestyle recommendation is fully supported with motivational and inspirational strategies to keep you focused and on track..


NEW recipes to try out:

The library is constantly GROWING! As with all recipes, each new one will be tried, tested and improved upon whenever possible. And, will receive “two thumbs up” by my panel of “hard to please” critics (my husband, daughter and two sons).


ALL of your questions personally ANSWERED:

We have a Smithtown Weight Loss Facebook Page where you can ask me questions, share your progress or struggles and interact with other Smithtown Weight Loss members. You can reach out and get support from our growing community of recovering sugar addicts. (You will get always receive honest advice, loads of information and resources, and my heart-felt love and support.)


DOZENS of charts, tools, articles, checklists and tracking sheets:

These resources will help you better understand your body and your food reactions .. and keep you motivated and on track! (Each one of these handouts were designed to educate, motivate and support your progress in hand-holding style.)


My specific “Healthy Pantry ” checklist:

This checklist lists everything you need and will help you avoid the grocery-shopping mistakes that keep most people fat!

AND, you WON’T Have To Give Up The Foods You Love:

I’ll show you how to leverage every ounce of nutrition from the foods you eat. Now you can “slow” the carbs down, benefit from added energy, and stop certain foods from turning into fat. Most diets make you give up the flavors you love. Not here! Your taste buds are going to welcome the diverse mixture of indulgent flavors, textures and sensations.

Ready To Eat What You Love and NEVER Feel Guilty?

As an International Health and Wellness Expert, I’ve been eating Low Carb and Paleo for years now (because in my professional opinion it is the best and most healthy way to eat and live).

But let’s face it, many of the “healthy” recipes floating around out there … taste like crap… and if sugar detox is not done properly, habits are hard to break!

I’m a totally foodie! My pet peeve is wasting my time and money purchasing expensive ingredients (and costly sugar substitutes) preparing challenging recipes and have the food taste disgusting or be completely unsatisfying.

I believe that you deserve an easy, health-enhancing way to prepare and enjoy delicious, natural and healthy meals – without all the fuss.

… And, get the NO BS guidance to help you make the BEST food choices for you and your loved ones.

When you cut out sugar, your body glows from the inside out!

healthy, glowing skinYou’re will look silky smooth, your mind with be sharp and focused, and your energy level will skyrocket.

Are You Up for a Life-Altering Challenge?

Will you give me the NEXT 10 days and I’ll help you replace the sugar your body craves with satisfying alternatives … and make you feel better than you have in years?


Once I show you how to quickly and easily take sugar out of your diet there will be…

NO more cravings…
NO more crashes….
NO more carrying extra weight!

I guarantee you’ll be completely amazed at how awesome you look and feel (PLUS how quickly and easily you’ll lose weight without even trying) … OR I’ll give you your money back!

After the first 10 days we’ll focus on foods that burn fat and accelerate your weight loss efforts. (On average members report a loss of 10 pounds in two weeks!)

And, once you hit your ideal weight, we’ll kick in healthy living and “disease prevention” strategies.

Start on your path to a healthier lifestyle NOW!

TO RECAP… You’ll receive 365 days of unlimited access to all taste tested and approved recipes brought to you by Smithtown Weight Loss for an investment of just $99 for a LIFETIME Membership!

Once you have access to the entire Smithtown Weight Loss recipe library. You won’t have to guess about what to eat … or waste your time and money making recipes that taste bland or have a strange texture or flavor.Plus, you’ll get my 14-day Sugar Detox, boatloads of health-enriching handouts, shopping lists, checklists and weight-loss charts to help you tailor your eating for your specific weight loss and health goals.

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