Polar Seltzer

by Lisa Marie Rosati on November 15, 2011

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I want to take a moment and share with you a company called Polar Beverages that has transformed my family’s drinking experience! I have mentioned before that we Rosati’s LOVE drinking Seltzer! Our local Stop & Shop began carrying a brand called Polar.

All of Polar’s Seltzer’s are low in sodium, all natural and high in quality and taste. I recommend that you take a look at their website and explore their variety of Seltzer flavors. They range from Plain Seltzer to Lime Seltzer to Cherry Pomegranate Seltzer! There are so many choices that I assure you whatever occasion, season or mood you might be in, there is a flavor that will tickle your fancy!

As a matter of fact, for all of you adventurous Foodies (and especially for children), Polar just released Limited Edition Flavors for the holidays! I brought home the following flavors for my little Cavemen to enjoy; Green Apple, Cinnamon, Candy Cane, and Egg Nog (which I’m sipping on now). You can learn more about the Limited Edition Flavors Here.

I have also enjoyed Polar’s Diet Lime Tonic water on occasion too. I do love a Gin & Tonic from time to time. Since the Diet Tonic Water contains artificial flavors and aspartame, I only use it on occasion.