Low Carb Banana Smoothie

by Lisa Marie Rosati on March 10, 2014

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Bananas are a (daily) no-no – because bananas are sugar bombs… and impact blood sugar.

Especially those ripe, yellow ones.

So… since you clicked on this recipe, I’m assuming that you’re a banana lover just like me… well, I have FANTASTIC news for you…

Now you can indulge and drink a delish banana smoothie any time you want!

LC Foods has created a super-yummy, thick banana smoothie mix that’s sugar free, gluten free, corn syrup free, wheat free and soy free. In addition the mix is also low carb, diabetic friendly and totally satisfying in my opinion.

Each serving has 0g Net carbs, 12g Protein and 8g Fiber  – amazing!

The LC Banana Smoothie Mix also contains Chia Seeds, a super food, which makes the consistency of the smoothie nice and substantial. You can purchase the smoothie mix from the Smithtown Weight Loss Amazon Store by clicking here.

lc foods banana smoothie

All you have to add is some cold water, the smoothie mix and 3 tablespoons heavy cream then blend – it really couldn’t be easier.

TIP: I added 4 ice-cubes before blending and then a little sprinkle of cinnamon on top, it was sooooo yummy – I can’t wait to make another banana smoothie tomorrow!

Here’s a quick link for you:

I used my Magic Bullet to effortlessly whip the smoothie up in less than 60 seconds. I highly recommend both the Magic Bullet and the LC Banana Smoothie Mix for your healthy, sugar free lifestyle.