How To Avoid Overeating At Holiday Parties

by Lisa Marie Rosati on November 11, 2013

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The holidays bring a slew of parties to attend… work shin-digs, school festivities, family and religious gatherings, etc.  Don’t sabotage your health and weight by taking a ride on the “Runaway Food Train.  Here are some of my favorite Success Strategies that will help ensure your success this and every holiday season – a winning strategy is a winning strategy my friend… and the following strategies are ALL totally awesome!


Take the edge off your appetite with a healthy protein snack like a protein shake or a small mixed green salad with some strip chicken.  After arriving and before eating at the gathering, drink a large glass of iced water or seltzer with lemon or lime to help keep your belly feeling a bit full.


My favorite way to avoid eating health and weight sabotaging foods is to prepare a healthy or sugar-free dessert and bring it with me. This allows me to indulge on a delicious treat that I enjoy (and not gain weight) at the gathering! When you first enter a room, give it the once over and spot the locations that you know could trip you up. I like to call those places the “red zones” … the buffet table, bar and dessert table.  Sit as far away from them as possible and take a few minutes to plan your healthier choices.


It’s a culinary war zone out there! Everywhere you turn there are “food land mines” lurking that will blow up your best efforts if you’re not careful!  You owe it to yourself and your family to be as healthy as possible.  Beware, food pushers come in all shapes and sizes… don’t be guilt-ed into eating something you know will trigger an unhealthy eating binge.


Nine out of ten times food looks better than it tastes…don’t get fooled! Be sure to fill your plate ¼ full with a lean protein such as turkey, chicken, fish or lean beef and ¾ full with vegetables such as mixed green salad or perhaps a sautéed veggie choice. Pass up the pasta, breads, macaroni salad and any other high carbohydrate, low quality food choices.


Trying to balance your lifestyle plan with your family, social and work obligations can be a daunting job in itself!  Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. Ultimately, you’re in charge of which invitations you accept and those which you decline. Don’t over do it… attend functions that are important to you and politely turn down the rest. You shouldn’t be anti-social and avoid ALL possible places of temptation but you are only human, be mindful not to put yourself smack in the middle of potential lifestyle sabotaging situations frequently or unnecessarily.


Don’t attack food with the same vengeance as a starving lion! In order to have long-term success, you must change your mindset and knock food off of its pedestal. Put food in proper perspective; there will always be more food to be had…it’s not the last time you will ever have a chance to eat dessert or food with sugar or low quality carbs in it! Make a conscious choice to either “cheat” or “not cheat.” Mindless overeating just for the sake of eating is where most people themselves.


Make the social event… SOCIAL!  Chat with old friends, get introduced to some new friends, help clear tables, stay busy and keep your mouth moving…by talking!  If you do cave in and eat unhealthy food, keep it in perspective.  Eating one or two “no-no’s” doesn’t mean you’ve ruined the whole day, week or month… so don’t dive head first into an out of control food binge! Make the choice to get right back on your healthy path beginning with your next meal.

Wishing you a blessed, enjoyable and sugar-free holiday season!
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