10 Ways To Simplify Your Life In 2014

by Lisa Marie Rosati on January 2, 2014

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The over arching theme present in all of my one-on-one sessions with clients is … “I never have enough time” or “I’m totally stressed out all the time.”

The major reason most people feel this way is because their life is not simple … and simple is a choice… a choice that each of us makes on a daily basis. A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for each individual. For me, it means eliminating everything that no longer serves you and spending your time doing what’s important and feels good to you.

Every New Year we get a brand new chance to start over, turn over a new leaf… take stock of our lives, our relationships, our habits and our lifestyle choices. I encourage you to sit down and make a list of everything that needs to go in your life; toxic people, negative thought patterns, over sleeping, staying up to late, lack of follow through, etc. Next make a list of the things you want to bring in to your life in 2014; better spending habits, healthier eating, regular exercise, happier relationships, etc.

Next use the following prompts to help you journal out your life plan for 2014:

1.    Make a list of your top 4-5 important things. In order to eliminate things you must first identify your non-negotiable must-haves. Write them down.
2.    Evaluate your commitments. Look at everything you’re currently committed to and think about which ones provides you with life value. Dump the ones that drain your energy. TIP: Things that enrich your life always give you MORE energy, not less. What needs to go?
3.    Learn to say no. I always say, the word “NO” is a complete sentence. Use it when something doesn’t feel good to you. If you can’t say no, you will inevitably over extend yourself with stuff you don’t want to do. What do you need to say no to?
4.    Limit your media consumption. Try a media fast for three weeks. That means no reality TV or news before bed. Fill your head with uplifting and beautiful things and watch your mood elevate. What media are you going to stop watching?
5.    Purge and organize. Nothing screams overwhelm more than a disorganized, chaotic home or work environment. Set a date in your calendar to purge and organize NOW!
6.    Spend time with people that you love. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and open your heart chakra. If you feel closed or like you need to “protect” your core when around certain people, it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship. Journal about your relationships.
7.    Spend time alone. Alone time is good for you, however many people are uncomfortable with it. Quiet time is necessary for peace and flow. When can you schedule some alone time?
8.    Drive slowly. Most people I know hit that gas pedal, then the brake pedal with gusto. SLOW DOWN… if you’re rushing to work, take a look at your morning ritual… do you need to adjust your waking time or get your booty in gear earlier? Write down a new morning plan now.
9.    Establish routines. The key to keeping your life simple is to create simple, streamlined routines. Flying by the seat of your pants is NOT a winning strategy. In what ways can you streamline your life?
10.  Stop eating sugar. It might not be obvious how eating healthy relates to simplicity, but think about the opposite… if you eat greasy, sugary, starchy, carb loaded foods all the time, you are sure to have higher medical needs over the long term. Frequent visits to doctors, hospitalization, going to the pharmacy, getting physical therapy, having surgery, painful recovery time, taking insulin shots … you get the picture I hope.

One of my personal mantras when faced with a decision is … “Will this simplify or complicate my life?” If the answer is complicate … I always take extra time to decide if the extra commitment, burden, rushing, doing, etc. is worth my zen.

Thank you for following my work. I wish you a prosperous, healthy and sugar free 2014!
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