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The Smithtown Weight Loss Program can help you break your sugar addiction and get slim, strong and satisfied.

Today’s nemesis is S-U-G-A-R.

Chips, Mashed Potatoes and Bagels, Oh my! Or perhaps it’s Soda, Cookies and Candy Bars for you… Or Ice Cream, Pretzels and Pasta… Or Pie, Whole Grains and Starbucks Latte Shmatte Whatever’s…

Sugar is like a vice grip that won’t let go of your life. It’s the arch-enemy of every person who wants to look and live healthy, attractive and full of life! It squeezes away your willpower … creates uncontrollable cravings and sabotages your right to look younger and sexier.

Weight Loss Program Long Island

Are you addicted to sugar?

If you can’t say NO to sugar… or you have no idea which foods sugar is lurking in… and you want to control this “evil” conqueror … let me show you how you can quickly and easily take sugar out of your way.

NO more cravings… NO more crashes… NO more unwanted weight!

I invite you to discover my fabulous 14-Day Sugar Detox (for Sugar Addicts) and cure your sugar fix – without hunger or sacrifice! Isn’t it time you had a Sugar Intervention? I really think it is … Click here to find out “How Smithtown Weight Loss Works”

2 ways we can help you
achieve weight loss success…



Gain access to the entire Smithtown Weight Loss System and work yourself thru the program step-by-step. You’ll have lifetime access to the entire program, so if in the future you find yourself falling off the wagon and gaining weight again, simply log back in and start with the 14-Day Sugar Detox. It will reboot your body and restart the fat burning and weight loss!



Get all the benefits of being an online member at a reduced membership fee PLUS private coaching with Weight Loss Expert Lisa Marie Rosati, access to her private phone number, and one-on-one sessions for accountability, stragetizing your success, and 24/7 support! Simply click the button right below, pay for the Weight Loss Success Package and Lisa will be in touch within 24 hours to set up your first appointment!